Step 1: Introduction


STEP 2: Twitter Questions

Twinci: Anyway, let’s get to some audience questions, shall we? There are some questions that we have collected from Twitter and need your answer!

  1. The second is the benchmarking phase, which we expect to take 2–4 quarters to establish a good brand foundation for the third phase by providing all community members with a clear sense of how much value they can generate from the data they participate in labeling and storing in specific AI applications through 1–2 benchmark AI applications.
  2. In the third phase, we expect to take 4–12 quarters to provide AI companies around the world with a compliance channel to purchase data on the EpiK chain in fiat currency through a large number of knowledge gateway service providers around the world at prices far lower than traditional data companies, so that AI companies, research institutions, and university students can enjoy the value brought by blockchain technology.
  1. You could act as a EPK Knowledge Miner via setting up a knowledge node following the tutorials There are 240k EPK distributed to EPK Knowledge Miners based on how many files their nodes have stored.
  2. You could act as a EPK Domain Expert via designing AI data format, verifying AI data and developing AI Apps based on AI data in EpiK Protocol network to earn EPK. Here is the application form: There are 30k EPK distributed to EPK domain experts based on how much data they have produced.
  1. You could deposit EPK in CoinWind( to get lending bonus.
  2. You could provide liquidity of EPK in to earn GT.

STEP 3: Live questions

Q1: @bevo002, do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?


Congrats! Here are the 10 winners for AMA acivity with Twinci on Septmber 4th. Thanks supports from everyone!

EpiK Protocol is the world’s first dencentralized storage protocol for AI data.