EpiK Protocol, the world’s first decentralized storage protocol of AI data

The dilemma of the decentralized storage ecosystem

With the subversive innovation of Filecoin, the entire decentralized storage ecosystem has seen an unprecedented booming. However, as the size of practitioners and devices scale soars year after year, the decentralized storage ecosystem (hereinafter referred to as “ecosystem”) is facing a dilemma:

  • In the current ecosystem, the business model of providing archive data storage services has not been verified. Although the costs are reduced, the decentralized storage provider still lacks the ability to compete with similar services from centralized Internet giants; performance and credibility need to be examined over time.
  • After the emergence of decentralized storage, with the help of IPFS technology, we can theoretically have an infinite amount of dependable shared data. Do other data have such tremendous business value? We believe AI data deserves its name.

The dilemma of the AI data ecosystem

In 2021, the global AI market value has reached $3 trillion with an annual growth rate of 20%. In the entire AI market, 15% -30% of the capital is invested in data labeling every year, and the scale of this business is growing at 30% per year. It can be seen that the key to AI intelligence is no longer the innovation of algorithms, but the quality of the data used for AI ​​training. Due to the sharp increase in demand for data, the AI ​​Data industry is facing many constraints:

  • Rising management costs: Data-labeling companies are unable to enjoy data ownership or share in the future realization benefits of the delivered data. They can only rely on labor to maintain current cash flow, draining the room for appreciation and expansion. With more competition in the industry, most labeling companies fail to operate at full capacity, increasing the window of no work for employees.

EpiK Protocol, the first “AI Data + decentralized Storage” solution in the world

There are two mainstream solutions to the AI data labeling industry dilemma: the odd job economy and the sharing economy. The odd job economy is to use crowdsourcing to label data, and the sharing economy to help people who participate in data contribution to obtain data cashing revenue. Both are the solutions that decentralized storage is best at creating, and are the perfect directions for the application of trusted data sharing capabilities. It is based on this status that we initiated the EpiK Protocol, which combines decentralized storage and AI data to create the first decentralized storage protocols for AI data in the world:

  • The AI ​​data market needs a platform to run a sharing economy, the powerful data authentication capability of decentralized storage can resolve this problem.

Why EpiK Protocol is more recommended than Filecoin?

First, EpiK Protocol has two great innovations compared to Filecoin.

  • EpiK Protocol revolutionizes Filecoin’s business model, from selling storage based on a decentralized network to selling AI data in a decentralized manner. The storage market has been saturated since the Internet era, but the demand in the data market is still huge, and the market growth rate is considerable.
  • In addition, the influx of capital from well-known industry institutions: FBG Capital, JACKDAW, 1475, ChainUp Capital, 7 O’clock Capital, etc. has brought decentralized storage of AI data back into the public eye with new momentum.
  • OpenKG: The world’s largest Chinese knowledge graph repository which cooperates with EpiK Protocol to label Chinese mainstream domain knowledge graphs and explore the frontier topics and applications of knowledge graphs together.
  • Tsinghua University: The Big Data Knowledge Team of Tsinghua National Research Center for Information and EpiK collaborated to develop the “Health Chain” to promote trusted data collaboration in the medical field. The “Health Chain” was presented at Tsinghua’s 110th-anniversary celebration as an outstanding research achievement.
  • SingularityNET: The first decentralized AI service network, creator of Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen, and creator of Grace, an intelligent medical robot, cooperates with EpiK Protocol to focus on labeling AI data needed for universal medical robots, including knowledge graphs and facial expression data.
  • Ocean Protocol: The world’s largest decentralized data exchange protocol, working with EpiK Protocol to advance a global decentralized marketplace for AI voice data.
  • iMerit: One of the world’s 50 fastest growing technology companies. It is a data annotation company based in India that works with EpiK Protocol to promote efficient data annotation, improve data annotation efficiency and incentive for data annotation practitioners.
  • OpenSLR: The world’s largest open Chinese speech data community, working with EpiK Protocol to advance the annotation of Chinese speech data and add more subcategories.

How to participate in EpiK

The EpiK Protocol has two major systems, AI data annotation and AI data storage, which correspond to two main ways of participation.

  • The second way is to participate in storing AI data and become an EPK storage node. You can participate in the storage of valid AI data using idle storage devices. The more data you store, the more EPK you will earn. If you have a public IP, you can get an additional bonus for providing data-downloading services. Now, EpiK main-net is going to launch, configure your machines to participate in the early bird stage of mining, and get a satisfying reward. For more details, please visit the wiki for machine configuration tutorials.


EpiK Protocol is the world’s first decentralized storage protocol for AI data. Through the integration of IPFS storage technology, Token incentive mechanism and DAO governance model, it creates a global open autonomous community with four core capabilities of trusted storage, trusted incentives, trusted governance and trusted finance. It organizes global community users to work together at an extremely low management cost, continuously producing high-quality AI data that can be jointly built and shared. It aims to broaden the understanding of AI, and promote the arrival of the era of cognitive intelligence.

EpiK Protocol is the world’s first dencentralized storage protocol for AI data.