EpiK PreDAO Guideline


Knowledge Ecology Category

  • 001 — Remove the qualification of malicious domain experts whose unlocked rewards will be destroyed and the corresponding accounts will never be activated as domain experts again. The domain expert who nominated this disqualified domain expert at the time will need 12.5w EPKs supported instead of 10w EPKs to be activated.
  • 002 — Modify the minimum amount of backups of uploaded files for domain experts, so that files uploaded by domain experts will be counted as contributions only if they reach the minimum backup requirement. The current default value is 10, i.e. a file is considered as a valid contribution only after 10 or more knowledge nodes have stored it.

Storage Ecology Category

  • 003 — Modify the places for double storage power. The current default is 100, which means that the first 100 knowledge nodes that complete the encapsulation of a new file can get double the storage power provided by that file, while others can only receive single storage power.
  • 004 — Modify the Window PoSt sampling ratio, currently defaulting to 100%, i.e. every 7 days every knowledge node needs to submit 100% of proofs of spacetime of all files they have stored to the chain.

Referendum Category

  • 005 — Modify the unlock cycle of the basic collateral. Currently it is T+0 by default, i.e. the basic collateral can be withdrawn after 0 days after initiating a cash-out.

How to participate in EpiK PreDAO

Proposals in the Knowledge Ecology category

Proposals in the Storage Ecology category

Proposals in the Referendum category



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