The First File From Domain Experts Has Been Uploaded to EpiK Protocol Network

All EPKers,

The first file including verified valuable AI data has been uploaded to the EpiK Protocol network. This file is verified and uploaded by our active domain expert Andy.

Andy aims to contribute AI data in the domain of smart transport to EpiK Protocol network. Unlike the traditional method of labeling data required for intelligent driving training based on real road images, Andy uses digital twin technology to simulate a virtual city in Metaverse. In the Metaverse, Andy can arbitrarily simulate scenes that are difficult to encounter in the real world, such as weather changes, sand and rock obstructing roads, and earthquakes and rainstorms.

  • Traditionally, a car can only record real road images for 24 hours a day. In the Metaverse, Andy can simulate 10,000 hours of virtual road images that are enough to simulate each day.
  • Traditionally, we can only mark objects with rectangular boxes using a lot of human resources. In the Metaverse, Andy can mark the shape of objects with 100% accuracy using simulation algorithms.
  • Moreover, in the Metaverse, we can not only obtain image information, but also obtain laser radar information to generate depth maps and point cloud information.

Andy tells us that AI makes the Metaverse more real, and the Metaverse makes AI more intelligent. He is proving it in EpiK Protocol network.

EpiK Protocol is the world’s first decentralized storage protocol for AI data. We believe that in the future, especially in the Metaverse, AI data will be the most valuable asset. It is the crystallization of human knowledge, and it is the key to AI to open the mind.

The first file is just a beginning for EpiK Protocol network. This will be an epic sermon from carbon-based life to silicon-based life that will last at least 50 years.

Fight together, EPKers!

One More Thing

EpiK Protocol Foundation has nominated the first 6 domain expert candidates. You can vote for them in EPK wallet NOW.

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