What’s the EpiK Protocol?

Why EpiK Protocol?

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How to join the EpiK Protocol?

Recent News

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  • CoinTelegraph: Ben Goertzel joins EpiK Protocol as an expert advisor. Check here.
  • NewsBTC: EpiK Protocol Enters a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Jointly Strengthen the Global Knowledge Node Ecosystem With Nexusguard. Check heres.
  • NewsBTC: EpiK Protocol Announces the Completion of US$5 Million Institutional Fundraising. Check here.
  • CoinTelegraph: Healthcare Chain co-developed by Tsinghua and EpiK. Check here.
  • CoinTelegraph: EpiK aims to empower a new infrastructure of cognitive intelligence. Check here.
  • NewsBTC: Knowledge Crowdsourcing Product-Knowledge Mainland Improving the Efficiency of Collaboration Based on Trust. Check here.
  • CoinSpeaker: EpiK Protocol Has Completed Its Strategic Fundraising. Check here.

EpiK Protocol is the world’s first dencentralized storage protocol for AI data.