New to EpiK Protocol? Understand The Basic Terminologies

Disciplines and other spheres of human life have their own words that best describe or explain them more. These registered words are what users in the field and those who interact with them employ while conversing. For those who have been in it for quite a while, such terms are no longer hard to decipher.

In the crypto space, there are lots of words that people in the space employ to communicate better and effectively. Words like HODL, DApp Altcoin, Defi, CEXs, DEXs and many more are terminologies employed by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. These terms and phrases if well understood would go a long way in impacting the user’s adventure in the space positively.

The EpiK Protocol features prominently when AI integration is talked about in the crypto space. This project has been championing the course of AI integration and data analysis in solving the myriads of issues confronting the present world with the help of a Knowledge graph. In its quest to provide solutions to human issues, there are Applications rolled out along the way leaving some words in their wake which would be explained. There are terminologies peculiar to it and users who intend to engage the project should be familiar with them. These terminologies are listed below.


The EpiK Protocol has its own native custom token known in its abbreviated form as EPK. The EPK serves as a governance token where holders have a say in updates as it concerns the project, it is equally the token used as gas fee on the EpiK Wallet anytime there is a need for exchange on the portal and most importantly, it is the project based token issued to users on the Knowledge Mainland App and the EpiK Wallet.


Projects have devoted followers of it who have bought into the ideas of the project, believe in it and are ready to ensure it moons. These sets of followers are more than committed to see to the actualization of the project, hence, there are names given to the Community members of such projects. In the EpiK Protocol project,EpiKer is the unique name given to any user who is part of the Community and is ready to play a part in the growth and the subsequent success of the project.

EpiK Knowledge Mainland App:

The Knowledge Mainland functions as a gaming crowdsourcing application that allows users to earn by providing answers to questions, and of course, make contributions and suggestions as could be seen in reporting tasks with flaws. There are various buildings in the Knowledge Mainland. These are:

  1. Energy Building: this is for beginners as it chronicles the development and transition of man over time from the days of the early men who used stones to the present world we are today.
  2. 2. Knowledge Building: if anything can be deduced from its name alone, it connotes knowledge. Providing the right answers would make the user gain more knowledge and also earn Badges which can be converted into NFT.
  3. 3. Exploration Building: accumulated scores are what a user needs here to explore this building as the name implies. Scores as would be explained below can be swapped. This particular building boasts of Fragments which can be used to upgrade a building.


The EpiK Protocol wallet has among other things a unique feature where airdrop scores can be swapped into EPK tokens at the ratio of 10 airdrop scores to 1 EPK token. These airdrops and the points are what a user gets by participating in various airdrop programmes on the EpiK Wallet.


One of the words users of the Mainland App and the EpiK Wallet will get to use more often and come across is the scores. Scores in the Mainland App are simply the accumulated points recorded after each daily task. These accumulated points in the form of scores are used for exploration on the Mainland App. On the EpiK Wallet, scores are garnered from airdrops which can be swapped into EPK tokens.


Daily Tasks as discussed above are part of the features of the Mainland App.

As its name implies, these are activities expected to be performed daily by a user with scores provided for each as reward for completing them. For each completed task, one would earn either 4 scores provided it is a question task and 3 scores provided it is a recording task.


Swapping is a feature that the EpiK Wallet supports, hence it is another terminology that features prominently in the EpiK Protocol project. An accumulated score of at least 100 can be swapped into EPK tokens.


The Knowledge badge in itself represents commendation, skill and expertise and this is what a user gets for reporting a recorded task that has flaws. What accrues as a reward for this is an increment in the credit of the user which could qualify the user for a badge. This badge can be swapped into NFT.


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