Knowledge Graph Empowers AI, even Pigs can go to the Peak of Life

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4 min readDec 21, 2023

With the coming of the artificial intelligence era, AI is an important field for which many Internet tycoons are going all out, such as Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei are the noted cases.

When it comes to raising pigs, there was JD(NASDAQ: JD)’s “Pig Face Identification”, Alibaba’s “ET Pig Raising” and Netease’s “Live Pig Raising”, and now Huawei released an AI solution of “Intelligent Pig Raising”. This pig-raising system provides dashboard monitoring, big data analysis, and digital management, and supports AI identification, AI learning, AI prediction, AI decision-making, etc. Through standardization and routinization, the system also provides full perception monitoring, robot patrol inspection, and automatic/remote control.

Undoubtedly, Huawei AI has hit the pain point of traditional pig raising. Traditional pig raising requires manual feeding, manual temperature control, humidity control, and manual patrol inspection, as well as pathology and reproduction knowledge etc., with a complex, time-consuming, labor-consuming and energy-consuming management process, and yet the outcome is not surely satisfied. However, Huawei’s AI pig raising uses big data analysis to automatically and intelligently control the whole process of pig raising, uses AI identification to determine if the pig is full, pregnant, or sick, etc. and gives accurate guidance. Through AI decision-making, it can guide according to relevant knowledge/data. For example, if a pig is sick, through the cognition of the pathological knowledge graph, AI can propose a specific therapeutic schedule. It’s the same case if a pick is pregnant. AI can provide a nursing solution with the help of a knowledge graph. Empowered by AI, raising pigs changes from taking care of every single thing personally to a petty thing that can be solved in tea time, which enormously improves production efficiency and completes the traceable system from pig farms to dining tables, so that consumers can eat safe meat.

In summary, AI makes pig-raising easier, and what empowers AI cognition and decision-making is the knowledge graph. The knowledge graph is a large-scale semantic network using a graph model to describe the relationship between knowledge and modeling universe, helping machines master the understanding, interpreting, and reasoning abilities, which is the basic support of cognitive intelligence. Therefore, knowledge graph is the key of promoting AI from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence and from weak artificial intelligence to strong artificial intelligence.

Moving Forward from Perceptual Intelligence to Cognitive Intelligence

In the stage of perceptual intelligence, the important performance of machine is to be able to see and listen, which mainly depends on machine vision and speech recognition. In Huawei’s AI pig-raising scheme, it is not hard to see that machine conducts perception monitoring and remote and automatic control through big data analysis and AI identification. But being able to listen and see doesn’t mean that artificial intelligence has the function of thinking and understanding like a human brain. The stage of cognitive intelligence is to let machine have the cognitive, reasoning and decision-making abilities. Knowledge can broaden the machine’s cognitive, understanding and decision-making abilities. However, machine cannot directly identify knowledge, but can identify knowledge graph. Therefore, knowledge graph has become an important solution of enhancing AI intelligence.

Epik’s Decentralized Knowledge Graph Goes to the Front

For Huawei’s AI pig raising, the function of knowledge graph in it goes without saying. As the infrastructure of AI, knowledge graph has a development history for nearly 20 years. Knowledge graph can be described as unfading and powerful, which eventually become the key to open the door of AI cognitive intelligence. Epik is striving to construct the decentralized knowledge graph cooperation platform by means of blockchain technology in order to build a human knowledge base, thus comprehensively broaden AI cognitive intelligence.

With the help of outstanding blockchain achievements, such as IPFS, DeFi, Token Economy, DAO, etc., Epik builds up a knowledge ecosystem from the multiple aspects of community governance, ecological incentive, ecological storage, token trading, etc., which are constructed by knowledge graph. In addition, it has four core abilities: trusted storage (Filecoin), trusted incentive (Token), trusted governance (DAO), trusted finance (DeFi), laying a solid ecosystem foundation in order to transform human knowledge into knowledge graph. Meanwhile, Epik is cooperating with Tsinghua University, OpenKG, MBZ data, Niucipol and other research institutions to jointly build the future knowledge graph base, at the same time, it is also cooperating with enterprises in multiple fields including medical, e-commerce and health institutions on businesses, which empowers enterprises’ AI applications. Archimedes had once said: “Give me a pivot, I can pry up the earth”. With knowledge graph, artificial intelligence can find the pivot towards cognitive intelligence. Through the construction of human knowledge base, Epik will pry up the future of artificial intelligence.



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