Introduction of the Second Domain Expert Candicate

This time, we will introduce our second Domain Expert Candidate, Ms. Becky, who is responsible for the construction of the financial knowledge graph. Ms. Becky, the executive director of BNP Paribas — the largest bank in Europe, has a bachelor of Business Administration and an MBA from HEC which is the French Top1 Business School. She engaged in Asian and European capital market for more than 10 years, and used to worked in UBS and Rothschild Investment Bank in Hong Kong.

In EpiK Protocol ecosystem, she will lead the EpiK Protocol community to build a financial knowledge graph, including but not limited to collecting all relevant information, like industry, company registration, business, supply chain, IPO-related stakeholders, related IPO issuance information, of listed companies in A share, Hong Kong stock and US stock and other important financial markets. At the same time, she will also map the company’s prospectus and annual report into a structured and standardized financial knowledge graph which are used for smart investment advisors, smart anti-money laundering, and smart risk control and other related applications.

At present, the financial knowledge graph is widely used in various fields of the financial industry. Through the integration of industrial chain, supply chain, equity chain, economic data chain and other parts, there will be a comprehensive company rating and early warning system. The practical application scenarios include but not limited to



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