Introduction of The First Domain Expert Candidate

With the launch of EpiK Protocol main-net, we are completing EpiK Protocol’s ecological puzzle globally at a very fast speed. There are four core puzzles in EPK ecosystem, incentive model, governance model, storage system and labeling system. In the two months since the main-net went live, we have completed 3 of the puzzles.

  • The stable main-net has proven the feasibility of incentive model.

As for the last puzzle, EpiK Protocol started the first batch of domain experts election campaign on Oct 15, 2021.

This time, we will introduce Aken Yu, the first expert candidate, founder of EmotionCloud. With his deep technical background in the field of emotion AI, Aken Yu will empower something new to emotion AI with the help of EpiK Protocol. Emotion AI is the study and development of systems and devices that can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human affects. It is an interdisciplinary field spanning computer science, psychology, and cognitive science.



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