Information note on BSC20-EPK tokenswap

EpiK Protocol
2 min readAug 9, 2023

As reported last time, affected by the hacking of the Poly network, all the stolen assets of BSC20-EPK on-chain have been deposited into the MEXC exchange. They are currently in a frozen state with no risk of loss.

After fully communication with the MEXC exchange, all victims must apply to reclaim the stolen assets through MEXC’s formal legal process.

The next step in the process:

1) How do you recognize that you are a victim?
A: According to the latest statistics, all holders of BSC20-EPK are victims.

2) What should you do if you are a victim?
A: Fill out the form in time(before Aug.15th SGT time).

EpiK Protocol will help you with the legal process in Singapore, which means that you don’t need to claim from MEXC exchange on your own.

We believe that it will take about 15 working days to complete the complaint and get back the tokens that were stolen by the hackers!

3) Description of the EpiK Foundation
In this incident, the EpiK Foundation is also a victim. At present, the Foundation is also going through legal procedures to apply to MEXC to get back the stolen assets of the Foundation.

The Foundation would like to clarify if the Foundation can successfully recover the stolen assets from the MEXC exchange. For users unable to successfully recover the stolen assets from MEXC, we will use the assets claimed back by the Foundation to compensate them.



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