Technology as a field is an ever evolving and expanding world. There are tons of applications that are released daily to provide solutions or to serve a particular end. From a user’s end, there is the constant issue of updating apps. While that may not be particularly tiring, binding apps together is such an herculean task as sometimes there is no guide to such, or the apps do not share any complementary roles to facilitate such a binding process. Binding of some apps is paramount if they are developed by the same developers.

In EpiK Protocol and for its teeming users, the Knowledge Mainland and EpiK Wallet need no introduction. These two apps are developed by the EpiK Protocol Team and serve as an opportunity for the users to earn in EPK, that is the native token of the EpiK Protocol project. While the Apps have different approaches to earning, there is a way the two can be bound all in a bid to ensure the earned EPK are pulled together.

Below, users of the two apps will find how to bind their Knowledge Mainland and EpiK Portal with no hassle. This singular gesture speaks volume of how the EpiK Protocol Team is ready to ensure a user-free hassle with the use of their applications.

● Download The Knowledge Mainland and EpiK Wallet

The very first step to take to bind the accounts is to download the two apps. Each of the applications has its own link. Users who are yet to download the apps would find the links useful in regards to such.

For the Knowledge Mainland App, kindly download here: while for EpiK wallet here:

● Accessing the EpiK Wallet

After the apps are downloaded and the user has successfully registered on the two apps, the EpiK Wallet should be opened. On the homepage of the app, the user should click on “Application” as displayed on the home page. After it has been clicked on, the User should click on BIND.

The diagram below gives a pictorial view of what the user is expected to click on.

● Getting Personalized Token ID on Knowledge Mainland App

To finalize the details of the binding, the user needs to open the Knowledge Mainland App and click on the “ROBOT” icon located at the topmost level App at the right hand side to get the personalised token ID.

After the Robot Icon has been clicked, the user will be taken to where the token is, and it is expected to be copied by the user to be pasted on the EpiK Wallet binding page which was already opened.

● Binding with EpiK Wallet

The copied token will now be pasted on the already opened binding page. The diagram below will be displayed if the binding is successful.

● Claiming your EPK

After the above processes are followed, the user can now withdraw their EPK from the Knowledge Mainland to EpiK Wallet.

The amount of EPK a user intends to withdraw should be entered. Bear in mind that the least amount to withdraw is 10 EPK.



EpiK Protocol is the world’s first dencentralized storage protocol for AI data.