EpiK Protocol Weekly Report

I. Marketing Progress

EpiK Protocol LP mining was launched successfully

EpiK Protocol LP mining was officially launched on PancakeSwap on November 9, all EPKers can mine EPK on it. The highest APR exceeds 9495.76%. Up to November 13, the TVL reaches $447737.08. Hurry up to gain LP Token after staking USDT and BSC-EPK on PancakeSwap. After receiving the right LP tokens, enter EpiK Protocol Knowledge Bank to approve and stake LP tokens and wait for the satisfying bonus. And here is a tutorial for you.

AMA — EpiKProtocol & CryptoVenus

On November 10, CryptoVenus hold an AMA with EpiK Protocol. As a guest, James Lim, co-founder and CEO of EpiK protocol, discussed the ecosystem and future plan of EpiK Protocol with community members in CryptoVenus. The activity received an enthusiastic response, there are more than 6,000 questions during the live question.

EteanalNFT.IO — The world’s first decentralized NFT storage platform with full storage, perpetual free, and perpetual retention will launch ASAP.

As the first Grants program of the EpiK Protocol,EternalNFT.IO is a “0 cost” distribution platform for NFT based on EpiK Protocol. EternalNFT.io supports ERC 1155/ERC 721 multi-protocol NFT production on multiple platforms such as Ethereum, BSC, etc. NFT metadata will be recorded on an NFT distribution network such as Ethereum or BSC, and NFT visuals/video/audio, etc. are permanently stored on the EpiK Protocol, an eternal storage protocol built on the IPFS protocol. Click here to learn more details.

II. Community

Twitter: 25,304

Telegram Community: 30,732 (English) + 7,657(Chinese)

Discord: 1109

III. Technical Progress


Develop EpiK DAO, ongoing.

Design the technical solution of integrating EVM on EpiK Protocol, ongoing.

Knowledge Mainland

Internal testing of Domain Expert admin system, under testing.

Public fund knowledge question bank, to be released.

Multi-modal commodity knowledge graph question bank, in preparation.

Optimize the interactive experience of the background management platform of Domain Experts, in progress.

Enhance the scalability of task template generation engine, in design.

EpiK Protocol Knowledge Bank

The ecological gathering page of EpiK Protocol DeFi — Knowledge Bank, has been released.

EpiK Protocol LP mining on PancakeSwap has been released and it landed on Knowledge Bank.

EpiK Protocol Wallet

Investigate the Web3 plug-in integration solution to prepare for the subsequent direct integration of the knowledge bank in EpiK Portal, under designing.

EpiK Protocol Website

EpiK Protocol Knowledge Bank was launched.

EpiK Protocol Quiz

The EPK Quiz tool for Learn & Earn has been released.

EpiK Protocol Grants

The interface design of Metaverse SDK, ongoing.

The technical solution of EternalNFT.IO, ongoing.

Development plan of Laputa, ongoing.



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EpiK Protocol

EpiK Protocol

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