The success of a project in the crypto space is built on social media presence and how well it is utilized. It comes as no surprise that the age we are not only makes it one that thrives on information, but the accessibility of that has been made possible by the myriad of platforms where credible information can be sourced. That said, the various social media channels are thus a means to reaching a wider audience while serving the purpose of getting them on board.

Granted, there are emerging social media platforms these days and each serve a particular purpose, but the onus lies on a project to opt for the best that could convey the thought, plan and intention of the project to the right and necessary audience. Thus, EpiK Protocol has a presence and a huge following that attest to this on some social media channels not for the buzz of it, instead it is aimed at reaching a wider and targeted audience.

The introductory part of this article featured the Telegram, Medium and Twitter accounts of EpiK Protocol where these were discussed and their importance in the EpiK Protocol ecology. Knowing fully well that EpiK Protocol has more than the three previously described social media channels, the other channels will be looked at with a view to unravelling their importance as well.


A beautiful User Interface coupled with an easy to use website that is user friendly makes the EpiK Protocol website a top rated one. The website has all the needed details about the project and all the necessary information can be sourced from it. It is indeed sleek, cool and the design not only matches EpiK Protocol in terms of colour, it does in terms of quality too.


Discord has been a game changer since it was embraced by the blockchain industry. It has been a viable option used by Developers in connecting with their prospective clientele. For EpiK Protocol, the Discord channel is much more than being tagged one. It is a community where the various servers on it attest to the help, communication, interaction growth and resourcefulness of not only the Admins, but the community at large.

While there are projects with lots of Discord servers, only a few could go head to head with EpiK Protocol in terms of activeness. There are dead Discord servers as some projects have one just for the buzz of it, for EpiK Protocol, it is a case of necessity rather than being a mere server.


Projects are created to fill a particular void or serve a particular purpose. For the EpiK Protocol, its defined role in the Artificial Intelligence field has made it a force to reckon with. It goes about achieving its plans with a clearly defined roadmap which contains having a decentralized wallet that equally serves as a trading platform.

The accessibility of the wallet as it works perfectly on both Android and Apple devices shows the volume of work already in place. The EpiK Portal as it is fondly and widely called supports ERC-20 tokens and can be used for swapping, storing and sourcing for information as it relates to assets.


The role of GitHub in the development of a project can not be downplayed. It is fast becoming a verifiable tool in the hands of developers. The EpiK Protocol has a GitHub community where important and up-to-date information is disseminated for EPKers and newcomers to read. As a hosting platform, developers store computer code in the server as files called repositories. It has been a verifiable tool for programmers to collaborate with each other and other crypto enthusiasts.





The World’s First Decentralized Protocol for AI Data Construction, Storage and Sharing. https://www.epik-protocol.io/ | https://twitter.com/EpikProtocol

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EpiK Protocol

EpiK Protocol

The World’s First Decentralized Protocol for AI Data Construction, Storage and Sharing. https://www.epik-protocol.io/ | https://twitter.com/EpikProtocol

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