EpiK Protocol Rebranding Announcement

EpiK Protocol
2 min readJul 21, 2023

In consideration of our future strategic development, we are undergoing a brand upgrade to embrace AI fully. As the most important part of this process, both the token name and contract will be changed.

Important Note

1.Snapshot time of token swap: July 25th, 3:00 PM (SGT); July 25th, 7:00 AM (GMT+0).

2. Token Name: From [EPK] to [AIEPK]

3. Address:

Old Contract: 0xdaf88906ac1de12ba2b1d2f7bfc94e9638ac40c4

New Contract: 0xac5B038058bcD0424C9c252c6487C25F032E5dDc

How To Swap

  1. EPK on CEX(Kucoin, MEXC, and Gate.io): No action required.
  2. EPK on Mainnet: No action required.
  3. Users holding ≥ 10K EPK on ERC20 or BSC20: No action required.
  4. Users holding < 10K EPK on ERC20 or BSC20, proceed to the [EpiK wallet] or [Token Swap Site] for token swap within 180 days from July 25th.
  5. All BSC20-EPK on BSC will be swapped into AIEPK on Ethereum.


If you have questions about the token swap, kindly join our Telegram community and ask for help.

The info about EPK on platforms like CoinMarketCap and Coingecko will be updated ASAP.

We are pioneering a brand new future. LFG!



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