EpiK Protocol Makes Strategic Investment in DeHub to Bring the Game Guild Next Level

All EPKers,

We are pleased to announce that EpiK Protocol, the world’s first decentralized storage protocol for AI data, made a strategic investment in DeHub, a blockchain’s all-in-one lifestyle hub & metaverse portal.

DeHub is a play, stream, and earn utopia fueled by a pioneering token economy that redistributes the power of entertainment to the hands of many as we propel into the new digital frontier.

DeHub provide user-friendly portal to a world of entertainment where users can engage in variety of ways directly on our dApps including barrier-free play-, watch- and learn-to-earn.

The strategic investment of EpiK Protocol in DeHub enables the team to accelerate the development of learn-to-earn dApps and to build its NFT Creator tools in a decentralized eternal storage, and to expand its NFT Mystery Boxes strategy. These are all to provide developers and gamers with an easy to onboard and fun blockchain gaming metaverse.

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