EpiK Domain Expert Campaign Guideline

On August 15, 2021, EpiK Protocol main-net was launched. On the first day, the number of on-chain transactions exceeded 44w and the number of access nodes exceeded 2w. The total value of ERC20-EPK exchange for EPK on the main-net exceeded 3000w USD and achieved zero exchange error. The number of pledged tokens exceeded 2200w, accounting for 50% of the total circulation of the whole network.

EpiK Protocol main-net has achieved outstanding performance on the first day among the leading blockchain projects.

After the launch of the main-net, the development of EpiK Protocol will be divided into three phases.

  • The first is the consensus phase, which we expect to take 1–2 quarters to let more people understand EpiK and participate in the construction of EpiK through community promotion, so as to provide more AI data storage bandwidth resources and AI data labeling human resources for the EpiK network. This will lay the foundation for the second phase.
  • The second is the benchmarking phase, which we expect to take 2–4 quarters to establish a good brand foundation for the third phase by providing all community members with a clear sense of how much value they can generate from the data they participate in labeling and storing in specific AI applications through 1–2 benchmark AI applications.
  • In the third phase, we expect to take 4–12 quarters to provide AI companies around the world with a compliance channel to purchase data on the EpiK chain in fiat currency through a large number of knowledge gateway service providers around the world at prices far lower than traditional data companies, so that AI companies, research institutions, and university students can enjoy the value brought by blockchain technology.

Basic requirements of domain experts

Domain experts have an important role in the EpiK network to point out the direction of AI data collection, so the EpiK network has very high requirements for domain experts. Candidate domain experts need to fulfill the following basic requirements before they can be selected.

  • Proven experience in AI application development, with a clear understanding of what kind of data is needed in their AI application area. Or, have a sound knowledge framework and judgment skills in a knowledge domain, with the ability to formulate the domain knowledge into a knowledge graph and find AI applications that can use this data for development
  • Have good English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and be able to clearly articulate goals and execution plans as a domain expert
  • Be well known in their domain

A domain expert may not necessarily be an AI application developer, or a university professor, but may also be a knowledgeable or opinion leader in the domain; a domain expert may not necessarily be an individual, but may also be a team, a company, or even a community. In short, domain experts are the leaders of each domain in the EpiK network, the people who point out the direction of application for our entire AI data ecosystem.

Key responsibilities of domain experts

Domain experts have four main responsibilities in the EpiK network.

  • Based on the current and future AI application requirements of the domain, define the AI data format that needs to be collected in this domain. Domain experts can enter the AI data format in the domain expert backend to verify the uploaded data later.
  • Collect the data in three ways according to the defined AI data format: uploading data via files directly, sending tasks to collect data through Knowledge Mainland App, and uploading data from their own business systems in real time through APIs. In any of these ways, the uploaded data needs to conform to the defined AI data format, otherwise the upload will fail. Domain experts can collect data in various ways in the domain expert backend.
  • Verify the correctness of the collected data in various ways, register the verified data to the chain in order, and then send the file to any miner for storage. After 10 or more miners finish storing the data, the domain expert will receive the corresponding contribution value. The data verified by domain experts will be monitored by the whole network, and if the quality is too poor, it may be put into the blacklist and all proceeds will be burned.
  • For the AI data collected in their own domain, find at least one AI application that can apply the data. The AI applications can be newly developed or existing applications. The domain expert needs to ensure that the AI application can directly apply the data collected in the current domain.

The Foundation is working on improving the domain expert backend and expects to release the official version after September 15, 2021!

Main rights of domain experts

Domain experts can enjoy the following privileges in the EpiK network.

  • Only domain experts in the network can upload data and earn contribution value
  • Domain experts can participate in divvying up a bonus pool with 9% of the total daily EPK output of the network according to their contribution value.
  • Domain experts can nominate others to become candidate domain experts.
  • Only domain experts can participate in the governance of knowledge ecosystem proposals in the EpiK DAO.

Selection process for the first batch of domain experts

If you are interested in running for the first batch of domain experts.

  • Step 1: Please click the application link and fill out the application form, we will send you a feedback within 3 working days via email.
  • Step 2: For applicants who have passed the preliminary selection, we will communicate with you about the format of the knowledge graph that needs to be collected and confirm the collection method. The parts that need to be collected manually will be published in the Knowledge Mainland App for trial collection.
  • Step 3: Applicants need to undergo manual review based on the trial collection results and optimize the collection method.
  • Step 4: Applicants with good collection results will need to prepare the EpiK wallets. After September 15, 2021, the Foundation will nominate the first batch of candidate domain experts of the EpiK Protocol main-net.
  • Step 5: After the Foundation completes the nomination, all users will be able to see the first group of nominated domain experts in their EpiK wallets where they can vote for their favorite domain experts. Candidates with 10w EPK votes are automatically activated. They will be given the rights of domain experts and should carry out the obligations of domain experts as well.

EpiK has now opened the application channel for the first batch of domain experts, please apply now!

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