Domain Expert Election Month Starts

After several-month preparation, the EpiK Domain Expert Election Month will officially launched today. The arrangements for the month is published here as below.

October 15th — November 15th

Start to introduce the first batch of domain expert candidates one by one. (Articles / Videos / AMAs)

  • Who they are
  • Which domains do they want to apply for
  • Why they are the right people for the domains
  • What the data looks like in the domains
  • How people can benefit from the data

Start to conduct public testing of domain tasks one by one in Knowledge Mainland.

  • Experts need to define the data format of each domain
  • Experts need to design the exam for each domain
  • Experts need to check the quality of labeled data in each domain
  • Experts need to publish the sample of data in each domain

November 1st

  • Announce the elimination rules of domain experts based on EpiK PreDAO.

November 15th

  • Nominate domain experts candidates who passed the public testing.
  • Start to vote for the nominated domain experts.
  • The birth of the first activated domain expert.



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