Announcement | Overview of the 2nd Investor Share Release

All EPKers,

Since James published the second release of investor share plan, we have received responses from the vast majority of investors.

According to the responses, 25% of the share holders chose Plan A, which means the tokens will be released linearly on a weekly basis; 45% of them chose Plan B, which means the tokens will be released at once and totally staked to setup knowledge nodes; to our surprise, there is also 30% of the share holders are willing to delay the release by one quarter and go on with all EPKers for a long time.

We are proud that we have investors who stand firmly with us. EpiK Protocol Foundation is grateful for your support and understanding!

Nothing worth having comes easy! EpiK Protocol’s journey has just begun. Under the feet is the ground of consensus, and over the head are the stars of dream.

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