A Good Beginning of EpiK PreDAO

EpiK Protocol
2 min readSep 20, 2021

All EPKers,

Congratulation to you for reaching a general consensus on the first proposal EPIP-1 in EpiK PreDAO!

EPIP-1 opened at Sep 15 15:25:00 UTC 2021. After 120 hours of voting, EPIP-1 ended at Sep 20 15:25:00 UTC 2021.

According to the voting results, 37.68% of EPKers participated in the vote and 71.92% of them support updating the basic pledge release time to T+60, which means you have to wait 60 days after applying for withdrawal before getting back the basic pledge.

The voting results will be publicized for 3 days, and the publicity will end at Sep 23 15:25:00 UTC 2021. When the publicity period ends, we will publish an updated version of Go-EpiK. When most of knowledge nodes have updated to the latest version, the basic pledge release time will be changed to T+60 and EpiK Wallet will be updated to support this change in the same time.

EPIP-1 is the first proposal governed by DAO in EpiK Protocol community. It’s also the first proposal governed by DAO in the IPFS community.

Looking back on today after many years, it will be of great significance for all EPKers and decentralized storage ecosystem.

Congratulations, all EPKers!



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